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Leslie McCool - American Artist - Burlington, Vermont


Art is the best Medicine   =

Meet the Artist

Artist Q&A

Q. How many years have you been painting?
A. I’ve been painting for 50 years.

Q. What was your first painting?
A. The first thing I remember drawing was a house across the street when I was 7 years old.

Q. Why do you paint and what inspires you?
A. Because I can’t sing or dance. (Laughter breaks out) Well, it’s the best medicine. I’m inspired by the art of Michelangelo, da Vinci, and Wyeth…. I also find great inspiration from the words of Rumi and Gibran.

Q. Do you plan your paintings?
A. No, I never plan a painting. I feel that it’s just magic, coming out of me without any object in the minds-eye.

Q. What is the painting that you are most proud of?
A. I would have to say the “Boxers” is my favorite right now. It will change tomorrow, but today it’s that one. It took me a year and I had to paint 70% of it with my left hand.

Q. What did you do before becoming disabled?
A. I was a commercial graphic artist.

Q. Given your disability, how long will you continue to paint?
A. I’ll continue to make adjustments in the way I paint, so hopefully I’ll be able to do it until I die.

Q. What is your preferred medium?
A. Since I’m in bed most of my days I prefer pen & ink.

Leslie McCool

Thank you for visiting the official website of American artist, Leslie McCool.

Leslie was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1980, resulting in an ever-evolving painting style that reflects her mental and physical desire for escape and expression. On many occasions lifting the brush is akin to lifting a cinder block, but, despite the cruelty of her disease, she continues to explore a variety of subjects and themes.

McCool’s unwavering high spirited demeanor brings her the strength to keep painting and drawing. For Leslie, art is truly the best medicine.

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Burlington, Vermont USA
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